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Small Groups

Nearly 2000 years ago, the angels in Heaven must have been shouting, "The bride is born!" On the first day, 3,000 people joined the small band of 120 that had met in the upper room waiting for God's plan to unfold - and what a plan it was. Power, enthusiasm, and changed lives marked this new community - God's family on earth.

The book of Acts give an account of those first days. Other than the obvious evidence of the Holy Spirit's powerful presence at every turn, the clear characteristic of the brand new church was community. People were loving each other. They were opening their homes and their pantries to people they didn't know or previously despised. They met every day to ponder and share their new lives in Christ. They prayed and ate together. They saw many miracles. It was a celebration.

In Acts 2:46 you can see an interesting model emerged at the start:

Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.

Do you see it? They met in a public meeting place to hear the Apostles' teaching (v.42). That took place in the temple courts. Can you see it in your mind? Thousands of people gathering to sing praises and hear about a new vision for their lives in Christ and their lives together. But take a closer look. It says they also met in homes. Most of the nitty gritty elements of church life took place there.

This pattern is a critical one for us today. The idea of the church as only the public meeting, though valuable, is a little like a one-winged bird; it won't fly. The Acts 2:46 pattern, however, allows us to soar; public and home gatherings, celebration and cell - two wings to help the church to soar!

We hear the proclamation of truth in a public meeting. The teaching gifts are functioning in this setting. We gain insight and knowledge. Clear vision begins to emerge. However, we lose it so easily as we hit the street and face our world.

However, if we take this truth into the small home meeting and apply it together, challenge each other to it, pray we can attain it, and see it being grasped by others just like us, it gets in us, down deep inside.

We need both wings - large and small meetings. It is a wonderful plan. So join home group, a cell group and grow with us. To get plugged into a Small Group contact

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